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Encountered A Mysterious Spider?

If it is a spider of the hairy kind then we don't want to see it!

Despite the name, The Spider Group has nothing to do with creepy crawlies. Rather, this Spider Group provides world class information technology services to organisations around Australia. Our 'webs' are of the information kind.

Our services include developing customised software systems, many of which are unique in design and purpose, and building effective but easy to use web sites that complement an organisation's client relations strategy.

Some may consider us mysterious because apart from our web site we don't normally market our services. We rely on satisfied customers spreading the word and recommending our services to others. That's a strategy we've been using since we started in 1999.

If you think you may have a business challenge that may be met with information technology, please contact us. We enjoy challenges.

The Spider Group

PS: If you do have a hairy arachnid that you need to identify, we suggest trying Google.

The Spider Group

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